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IMDEEG Academy

MDEEG Academy has been globally recognized by captains in the technology industry.


Impact analysis of the Skillup Imo project, digital skills training can yield various outcomes that can be beneficial to the individual and the society at large, hence, there are expected outcomes that could signal successful project done.

One of our key impact outcomes is to connect 60% of skillup Imo graduates to high paying job opportunities within and outside the State.

The second outcome is to provide early stage startup support to 40% of the graduates to facilitate venture launch.

The 3rd outcome; is that we facilitate internship opportunities to work and earn scheme, in collaboration with startups.

The Alumni program is to support life long learning, sustaining growth and scaling opportunities and continuous Networking amongst Alumni.

The last impact, is to continually provide: long mentorship & coaching program for all the graduates, to provide early stage guidance and sustainable business growth in the tech space.

Digital literacy and technological advancement is our priority for Imolites.

Featured Partners

- Imo state Digital Economy
Zinox - Imo state Digital Economy
NCC - Imo state Digital Economy
Konga - Imo State Digital Economy
NABTEB - Imo State Digital Economy
NITDA - Imo State Digital Economy
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