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Broadband Penetration

Facilitate Broadband Penetration Across LGAS In Imo State

Broadband technology has revolutionized the way services are provided and business is conducted. By improving communication and the flow of information, broadband enhances efficiency, thus, enabling significant advances in Connecticut’s ability to compete in the global economy. This facilitates job creation, decreases healthcare costs, reduces miles driven and fossil fuels consumed, expands consumer choice, and improves competition. As the technology supporting broadband connectivity continues to grow, so do the benefits of getting connected. Our goals are to crowd-source Broadband Penetration and efficiency across all towns, villages and LGAs in Imo State and facilitate Broadband Penetration to Underserved and Unserved locations in Imo State via private sector partnerships, deployment of state-owned fibre highways for interconnection of business districts, communities and LGAs.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved broadband penetration and coverage, improved digital inclusion and literacy levels.
  • Telework: allows teleworkers opportunities to more readily live and work in locations of their own choosing, without having to be within commuting distance of a corporate centre or another base location.
  • Public Safety
  • Support for People with Disabilities.
  • Economic Development.
  • Increased E-Government Activities/Services.
  • Improved Education.
  • Remote Health Care Access

Digital literacy and technological advancement is our priority for Imolites.

Featured Partners

- Imo state Digital Economy
Zinox - Imo state Digital Economy
NCC - Imo state Digital Economy
Konga - Imo State Digital Economy
NABTEB - Imo State Digital Economy
NITDA - Imo State Digital Economy
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