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Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship​

Our Digital Entrepreneurship program has a singular focus on empowering people with skills to launch and manage innovation-driven startups. The entrepreneurship program will enhance the ability of these startups to leverage technology to gain competitive advantage, disrupt traditional industries, reach new markets, target a specific niche market and then, if and when they find success, broaden their horizons and scale massively.

  • Establish a State platform for innovation, communication and learning.
  • Encourage Imolites to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship platformed on emerging technology.
  • Foster digital technology breakthroughs that focus on the welfare of the people.
  • Collaborate with leading institutions and companies specialized in the field of technology innovation.
  • Build an interconnected society with easily accessible social services – embracing technology to streamline social, cultural, education, and healthcare experiences in Imo State and facilitate inclusive and effective participation of stakeholders in governance.
  • Engender competitive economy in Imo State powered by disruptive technology – leveraging ICT innovations as means to digitally transform strategic economic sectors and pioneer new sectors of economic development and engagement.

Expected Outcomes

Digital literacy and technological advancement is our priority for Imolites.

Featured Partners

- Imo state Digital Economy
Zinox - Imo state Digital Economy
NCC - Imo state Digital Economy
Konga - Imo State Digital Economy
NABTEB - Imo State Digital Economy
NITDA - Imo State Digital Economy
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