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Challenge-Driven Hackertons

Challenge-Driven Hackertons

Developing local solutions for social and business problems requires creativity, skill, finesse and a deep understanding of the issues. Our challenge-driven hackathons are an important means to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and the start-up economy; and will bring together some of the brightest young minds to brainstorm and create tech solutions to these problems over a short period of time. These environments promote camaraderie and creativity and will give rise to startups and businesses which will go on to provide sustainable solutions to the targeted problem areas. These hackathons contribute to the smart economy by providing a means of translating the knowledge, skills and creativity of people into valuable processes, products and services. They will encourage and provide a platform for Tech enthusiasts and other Stakeholders with novel ideas and Tech Solutions to industry and societal challenges to showcase their creative Innovations. They will help to stimulate product development from ideation to minimum viable product (MVP) to product-market-fit to finished products, as well as facilitate farm-to-market programs.

Expected Outcomes

  • Creating indigenous innovative products addressing domain-specific challenges.
  • Providing jobs and tackling the high rates of unemployment, especially amongst the youth.
  • Generating revenue for all stakeholders, including the people and the government.
  • Create a platform for interaction between Start-Ups and Venture Capitalists, helping create access to funding and encouraging continued innovation amongst the Techpreneurs.

IDEA 2022 - 2026


Featured Partners

- Imo state Digital Economy
Zinox - Imo state Digital Economy
NCC - Imo state Digital Economy
Konga - Imo State Digital Economy
NABTEB - Imo State Digital Economy
NITDA - Imo State Digital Economy
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