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About us


The Imo State Ministry of Digital Economy and E-Government (IMDEEG) was established in 2022 under the leadership of His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodinma, the Governor of Imo State. The goal of the Ministry is to transform Imo State into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge-based economy.

IMDEEG's purpose


To position Imo State as the leading Digital Economy State in Nigeria


To build smart cities and harness digital technology to drive governance, innovation, entrepreneurship, value creation, and prosperity for all Imolites


To develop, adopt and adapt digital technology to create opportunities and economic prosperity for the people of Imo State

IMDEEG's objectives


To leverage technology to enhance public services, making them more efficient and accessible


To create and expand employment and entrepreneurship prospects for the people of Imo State.


To provide the necessary services and support to meet the needs of the residents of Imo State


SkillUP Imo


Through the SkillUp Imo project, IMDEEG provides digital skills training that yield various positive outcomes for individuals and society. The following expected outcomes indicate the success of the project:

The SkillUp Imo project endeavours to connect 60% of SkillUp Imo graduates with high-paying job opportunities within and outside the State. By facilitating their entry into rewarding careers, the scheme contributes to their personal growth and the overall prosperity of society.
The SkillUp Imo project provides early-stage support to 40% of the graduates, assisting them in launching their ventures. By offering guidance and resources, the scheme empowers these aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their innovative ideas into successful ventures that contribute to the economic growth of the State.
Internship The SkillUp Imo project facilitates internship opportunities in collaboration with startups, enabling graduates to gain valuable work experience and earn income. These internships serve as stepping stones for their professional development and provide them with practical skills necessary for their future endeavours.
The scheme’s Alumni program ensures lifelong learning, sustains growth and fosters continuous networking among graduates. By nurturing a community of alumni, SkillUp Imo creates a platform for ongoing support, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, leading to further personal and professional growth.
The SkillUp Imo project offers a comprehensive long-term mentorship and coaching program for all graduates. This program provides them with early-stage guidance and support for sustainable business growth in the tech space. Through mentorship, the program fosters an environment of learning and guidance, helping graduates navigate challenges and guiding them to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Digital literacy and technological advancement is our priority for Imolites.

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