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The IDEA (Imo State Digital Economy Agenda) 2022-2026 is a strategic plan aimed at building a robust digital economy and generating employment opportunities for the people of Imo State. By harnessing the power of digital technology as a catalyst, the plan aims to position Imo State as a leading State in Nigeria's national digital economy drive.

Our Services

Technological Development

IMDEEG actively drives technological development by fostering innovation, promoting research and development, and encouraging the adoption of emerging technologies. Through this service, the Ministry creates an environment that enables technological advancement and digital transformation.


IMDEEG’s eGovernment services involve the development of customized digital solutions that enhance governance practices, such as eCommerce, eSchool, eBusiness, and digital governance. The Ministry formulates policies and strategies to ensure effective management and monitoring of these digital initiatives.

Cyber Security Support

To safeguard data and information, IMDEEG provides support in the form of cybersecurity measures and data protection. This includes threat assessments, network monitoring, penetration testing, and the deployment and management of firewalls. By prioritizing cybersecurity, IMDEEG ensures the integrity and security of digital systems.

Training and Capacity Development

The Ministry plans, organizes, and executes various training programs and interventions to enhance the skills and capacities of individuals and organizations. These programs include reskilling and upskilling initiatives for Imo State civil servants and external participants, enabling them to adapt to the demands of the digital era.


IMDEEG focuses on infrastructure involving the maintenance and management of IT infrastructure and data centres. IMDEEG ensures the availability and reliability of technological systems and networks that support several digital initiatives. By maintaining robust infrastructure, the Ministry creates a solid foundation for a digitally empowered Imo State.

Single Window Portal

The Single Window Portal provides a centralized platform for accessing Government services and information. It streamlines processes and eliminates bureaucratic hurdles, making it easier for individuals and businesses to interact with the Government digitally. Through these comprehensive services, the Ministry is committed to driving the digital transformation of Imo State and creating a prosperous future for its residents.

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