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Facilitation And Development Of A State-Owned Fibre Highway

Facilitation And Development Of A State-Owned Fibre Highway

The state-owned fibre highway will be an effective solution for delivering high-speed public broadband services in areas with limited ISP coverage. With the right network design, we aim to encourage participation from multiple service providers, incentivizing them to innovate and price fairly. Even though building and managing a fibre network independently can be very challenging, the benefits are numerous. This will give a fillip to the infrastructural revolution being pursued by the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma’s Administration, create a “level playing field” for subscribers, a competitive marketplace in which consumers have a choice over who provides their broadband services. As a result, residents will have access to high-speed internet at a lower cost than they would otherwise; bridging the “digital divide” as households have equitable access to quality broadband.

Expected Outcomes

  • Will help promote community-wide economic development. With widespread access to fast internet, businesses are able to participate in the global economy and leverage next-generation technologies much more easily.
  • Will improve the ability to closely monitor the services provided by participating ISPs. Consequently, these ISPs can be held accountable to certain performance standards and ensure that community members get the services they deserve.
  • Improved broadband penetration and coverage, improved digital inclusion and literacy levels

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