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Dr Chimezie Amadi

Dear SkillUpImo Community, here are the latest updates on cohort 3 training;

1) Due to the massive number of potential students in Skillupimo cohort 3, the Cohort 3 programmes have been partitioned into two batches, viz: Skillupimo Cohort 3A and Cohort 3B.

2) Both batches( Cohort 3A and Cohort 3B, with a capacity of 20000 students each) will be graduated and equipped differently.
3) Due to a lack of facilities to accommodate 40,000 learners, as well as the high cost of equipping such a large group, Skillupimo Cohort 3 A and B will offer different courses.

4) Learners must ensure they are aware of the specific learning community and corresponding courses for which they are registered. Below are the available courses for Cohort 3A:

  1. Backend development
  2. Car tracking
  3. CCTV
  4. Computer Appreciation
  5. Data analysis
  6. Front end
  7. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  8. Project management
  9. Fibre network implementation and spicing
  10. Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  11. Intro to Fintech
  12. Introduction to Gamification and Simulation
  13. LAN network
  14. Cyber security16)Repair of computer Hardware17) Phone repairs18) Mobile App development

5) Classes for Cohort 3A will commence on the 9th of February 2024 across the 15 learning centers.

6) Beginners’ courses in cohort 3A will end on the 15th of March 2024. Students will be required to take a certification exam during that time.

7) Laptops will be given to only those whose courses require the use of laptops.

8) Others will be equipped with the tools that they require to deliver their services.

9) Students must be aware that attendance in class is mandatory.

10) Courses for cohort 3B include

  1. content development
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Graphic design
  4. Intro to programming
  5. Video editing.

11) Cohort 3B starts immediately after the end of Cohort 3A.

Good luck on your most exciting journey yet to digital literacy and economic empowerment!

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