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Skillupimo Cohort 3 pre-admission mock exam update

Dr Chimezie Amadi

Dear Skillup Imo Cohort 3 Prospects, Congratulations on your successful completion of the Pre-Admission mock exam.

However there were a few crucial observations we made:

  • The traffic on the link was too much, thereby causing a lot of you not to access the link on time.
  • A lot of you did not attempt to start the exam on time, while a lot of you didn’t even take the mock exam.
  • A lot of you did not fill the proper NIN/VIN numbers.
  • A lot of you used machinery.

Due to these observations, there have been an update in the main Pre-Admission exam schedule and guidelines.

Exam Schedule

1) Friday 24, November by 10am – Only those who chose any of these advanced courses:

-Front End Development
-Back End Development
-Mobile App Development
-Project Management
-Into to Fintech (New)
-Intro to Cloud Engineering (New)
-Intro to Blockchain Technology (New)
-Intro to Artificial Intelligence (New)
-Intro to Internet of Things (New)
-Intro to Gamification & Simulation (New)
-Fibre Network Implementation and Splicing (New )

2) Saturday 25th, November by 10am – Only those who chose any of these Intermediate courses:

-Intro to Programming
-Video/Photo editing
-Digital Marketing
-Virtual Assistance
-Repair of Computer Hardwares (New)

3) Friday 24, November by 10am – Only those who chose any of these beginner courses.

-LAN Networking
-Computer Appreciation
-Phone Repair
-Car Tracking

Links to exams for each day will be posted across our Facebook channels.

Exam Guidelines

  1. Any submission without a proper NIN/VIN number will be automatically disqualified
  2. The link will only be open for 40mins, so ensure you start on time.
  3. Any suspicion of machinery activity on your submission will mean automatic disqualification.
  4. Properly choose your learning centre and course of choice, any mistake might deny you the admission.

Please visit all our channels regularly to get more information on available learning centres, courses, exam link and any other information.

We wish you well and look forward to welcoming you to class.


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