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Skillupimo Cohort 3 Updates: Orientation Details

SkillUpImo: Sure, we are not in Imo to joke

Due to the ongoing Meta training at the ministry, we have decided to adjust our activities to accommodate other students who may likely miss out if we start tomorrow.

Hence, the cohort 3 learning journey will be commencing on The 13, of February 2024, with the following activities.


We are starting with a mandatory orientation session for all cohort 3 Learners and each student should only appear at the orientation training center as published on their timetable. So pay attention to check when the orientation for your Programme will be held.


  1. Orientation attendance is mandatory
  2. Students Will also be onboarded on the CISCO platform, for their self-paced online learning as part of the first phase of their learning journey with us.
  3. Please note, that only the email that was used for your admissions will be recognized by CISCO.
  4. Every student must come with a Passport photograph to be used for the production of their Identity cards.

Please Note, that the timetable will be published shortly.

Thank you

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